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Touch Screens & LCDs

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  • WG inverter Board PILCD9008-01

    WG inverter Board PILCD9008-01

    For Model #WGF1799-IWLM23H

    SKU: 021-PILCD9008-01-R

    Availability: In stock

  • WG Inverter Board

    WG Inverter Board

    Inverter Board for WGF2298-CSAM88H and WGF2298-TSAM89H

    SKU: 021-PILCD9860-01

    Availability: In stock

  • WG AD Board PSLCD8100-02

    WG AD Board PSLCD8100-02

    For Model #WGF1799-IWLM23H,

    SKU: 021-PSLCD8100-02-R

    Availability: In stock

  • LCD Scaler Board Assembly

    LCD Scaler Board Assembly

    For 19" monitor

    SKU: 021-PSLCD9005-06

    Availability: In stock

  • 15" Wells Gardner for IGT PE+

    15" Wells Gardner for IGT PE+


    SKU: 021-WGC1599-CDLS58J

    Availability: In stock

  • 26" LCD Display for Bally Cinevision

    26" LCD Display

    26" LCD for Bally Cinevision

    SKU: 021-WGF2699-TSLS36F

    Availability: In stock

6 Item(s)

3M touch screen panels, touch screen monitors, and lcd monitors.