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Refurb Touch Screen Monitors

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  • UOf00-L190A-KP 19" Open Frame Monitor

    19" Open Frame Monitor

    Hi Res, No Touchscreen

    SKU: 020-UOF00-L190A-KP

    Availability: In stock

  • 15" Ceronix Bar Top LCD

    15" Ceronix Bar Top LCD

    For IGT, Refurbished

    SKU: 022-CPA3041L-R

    Availability: In stock

  • 19" CERONIX LCD for WMS Bluebird

    19" Ceronix Touchscreen LCD

    For WMS Bluebird

    SKU: 022-CPA3092

    Availability: In stock

  • 15" Bar Top LCD Monitor

    15" Bar Top LCD Monitor

    For Bally

    SKU: 022-CPA4059L

    Availability: In stock

  • 022-CPA4062L-ceronix-19in-25pin-touch-lcd-igt-avp-1

    19" LCD Netplex Touch Monitor- Refurbished

    Upright for Game King Plus

    SKU: 022-CPA4062L-U

    Availability: Out of stock

  • 022-CPA4096L-ceronix-19in-netplex-25pin-slant-top-touch-lcd-igt-avp-1

    19" Slant Top AVP Monitor

    for IGT, Refurbished

    SKU: 022-CPA4096L-U

    Availability: In stock

  • Tovis 20" LCD for Bally V20

    Tovis 20" LCD for Bally V20

    Replaces Bally #202914

    SKU: 027-L200MT9BY-R

    Availability: In stock


    20" LCD For Bally Alpha Pro Curve Series

    Tovis L2045S312BY for 20" Bally curved monitor; (217392)

    SKU: 027-L2045S31BY-R

    Availability: In stock

  • WMS 17.1" Widescreen Monitor

    WMS 17.1" Widescreen Monitor

    • Non-touch

    SKU: 102-A-024256-00-00-R

    Availability: In stock

  • Bally 20" LCD with Touch

    Bally 20" LCD with Touch

    Bally 20" LCD with Touch

    SKU: 104-BALLY-LCD-20

    Availability: In stock

10 Item(s)

Refurbished touch screen monitors for IGT.