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Repair & Assembly

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  • iView Gasket

    iView Gasket

    For the Hitachi Bally IView touch screen

    SKU: 010-GASKET

    Availability: In stock

  • 3M Serial Controller 14-701

    3M Serial Controller

    Rev 2.1 FIM

    SKU: 013-14-701-R

    Availability: In stock

    For Quantity 10


  • Effinet Inverter

    Effinet Inverter

    For Effinet LCD # EFL-17902X

    SKU: 020-DS-1308WGL

    Availability: In stock

  • WG Harness

    WG Harness

    WG Harness from PRLCD9001 to PSLCD9005

    SKU: 021-013X1570-001

    Availability: In stock

  • WG Inverter Board

    WG Inverter Board

    Inverter Board for WGF2298-CSAM88H and WGF2298-TSAM89H

    SKU: 021-PILCD9860-01

    Availability: In stock

  • LCD Regulator Board Assembly

    LCD Regulator Board Assembly

    24 VDC TO 12 VDC

    SKU: 021-PRLCD9001

    Availability: In stock

  • Konami 22" Scaler Board

    Konami 22" Scaler Board

    for LCD model WGF2298-TSSM35H

    SKU: 021-PSLCD5824-01

    Availability: In stock

  • LCD Scaler Board Assembly for WG

    LCD Scaler Board Assembly

    For Wells Model # WGF-1900TSM32Y - WGF1990-CSAM01Y, WGT1990-TSAM02Y and 15' Bar Top 71K

    SKU: 021-PSLCD9005-30

    Availability: In stock

  • A/D board for a 19" IGT Trimline LCD

    A/D board for a 19" IGT Trimline LCD

    LCD model # KTL190ST-05, -04,-03

    SKU: 023-03A511904105*EOL*

    Availability: In stock

  • Kortek Dual Power Sub Split Board

    Kortek Dual Power Sub Split Board

    for 22" Aristocrat LCD Model # KT-LA221MCS-A9, Konami LS-DCS-23

    SKU: 023-10A331018AL1

    Availability: In stock

  • Kortek Harness

    Kortek Harness


    SKU: 023-47A031910001

    Availability: In stock

  • Kortek AD to inverter cable

    Kortek AD to inverter cable

    14/14 pin KT-LA221MCS-A9

    SKU: 023-47A0322D6000***EOL***

    Availability: In stock

1-12 of 30

Slot machine monitor repair and assembly parts.